Mobile Juicing

Orchardists are our biggest customer

Do you have perfectly viable produce that does not meet the ‘marketable grade’? Too small? Too big? Strange shape? Esthetic blemishes?

Turn it into juice! Save yourself the headache and hefty disposal costs.

Mobile Juice Factory offers quick and easy onsite services. We can work with you to turn your unmarketable produce into an attractive, added-value, personalized product for your customers.

Contact us today for further information or to book your appointment. Spaces fill up fast, so please book in advance.

Back yard growers are our customers, too!

Are you one of those families who has a few trees in your backyard? Do you have more apples in those trees than you can ever eat?

Juicing is a wonderful option for you to enjoy your efforts year round with flavourful, natural juice!

You can have your fruit pressed along with other members of the public by attending a juicing event in your area. Events will be promoted so you may even be able to sell some of your juice to interested, thirsty spectators.

To find out about juicing events in your area, click the button below.

Fundraising with Mobile Juice Factory

Are you tired of the same old fundraising ideas? Here is a fresh opportunity. Offering orchard-pressed juice for sale is not only innovative but popular.

As with all fundraising, Mobile Juice Factory fundraising takes a little work and organization. But it is different and fun!

Only a limited number of fundraising opportunities are available in each area. Too many will flood the market and nobody wins.

So, click the button below to contact us today, to discuss a variety of fundraising options available to support your cause.

Specialized Services

Custom packaging, unpasteurized juices and services for wineries, cideries and the like.

As you know, The Mobile Juice Factory can be utilized as a closed-circuit system: front to back, turn produce into shelf-stable juice. However, if you are looking for something a bit different… perhaps you are looking for only milling, pasteurizing or custom packaging services… the Mobile Juice Factory can accommodate. Additionally, the onboard bagging machine can package wine with its Nitrogen displacement system. Our mobile production plant can be used as a complete system OR as its parts. Now that’s versatility!

Purchase your own Mobile Juice Factory!

Buy Your Own Juice Factory!

It took less than 5 minutes for the Dragon’s Den investors to know that this was a deal they wanted to be a part of. They were fighting over a chance to participate!

You can purchase your own juice factory, and service your fruit-growing community.

Let’s face it; you want to make money. As an entrepreneur or orchardist, you see this as strong return-on-investment opportunity.

Your mobile or stationery juice factory will be custom-made using the latest technology, the highest quality stainless steel and the finest European craftsmanship.

With the right operation, you can pay off your investment in as little as one year